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31st October 2019

Dear Parent/Carer                      

On the back of this letter are the important dates for this term; further information will come home as the weeks go on. Please take note of play performance and church dates as we expect all children to be able to attend these whole class events. Also accompanying this letter is a letter for York and Southwell Classes regarding height and weight checks.

Friday 15th November is Children in Need Day and we will be wearing uniform but this can be jazzed up with spots and Children in Need accessories. We would also like to hold a cake sale at morning break time. Any donations of cakes will be gratefully received and the children will need to bring a donation of 50p to purchase one.

Year 6 children will be visiting each class over the next week to sell Poppies for Remembrance with the children just needing a small donation to buy one. They are also selling other related items for a donation of a £1 or 50p.

Now that the term has settled down and routines are in place I would like to highlight the importance of reading, and ask that all parents please support the school in regularly listening to your child read. I know many parents already do this and I can’t emphasise enough the importance of regular reading and the impact it has on your child’s progress.

Clubs will remain the same until the end of November with the exception of cooking club which is now available for Year 5 on Wisepay.

Finally, don’t forget that we are at St Andrew’s Church on Friday 1st November with Year 6 leading the service. You are warmly invited to join us with the service starting at 2.30p.m. Any helpers will be greatly appreciated. Also as with every day this term please make sure your child has a coat as the forecast is not positive for Friday at the present time.

Yours sincerely


Mr D W Hodgson  

                                        AUTUMN TERM 2



     Nov 1st

                                2:30 p.m. Church – Year 6

                              Netball Yr 5/6 - Metheringham  



                                 Open Morning 9.15-11.15

                             2:30 Phonics Workshop ICT Suite RS



                                    Open Evening 5-7 p.m.


                         Children in Need – Cakes and Accessories

 Monday 18th

                         6.00 Service Family – Mindfulness Evening



                                      Eco Warriors Meeting



                                    Yr 6 RAF Cranwell 9.15-12.30


                                             Toast Day

                                         Tag Rugby p.m.



                                     KS 1 Multi Skills + Yr 2 Yr 6

                                           Profiles Out

                                    Non School Uniform – PTFA

                                             Clubs Finish




                                           Cross Country

                                   Church Service – Year 5

                                         Christmas Faye



                                      KS1 Dress Rehearsal



                                Yr 5 & 6 Burghley House Trip

                                          6.00 KS 1 Play                       



                            KS 2 Magical Maths Assembly

                                      2.00  KS 1 Play


                                          Toast Day

                                 2.00 EYFS/Year 6 Play 

 Monday 16th

                                        KS 1 Party


                                  EYFS/KS 1 Carousel

                             6.00 Church Service Yr 3,4,5


                                  EYFS/KS 1 Rand Farm

                                  KS 2 Christmas Party


           School Christmas Dinner – Christmas Jumper Day Optional

                                        End of Term






  January 6th



                                     Start of Spring Term