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Spring Term 2020 - Castles

Find out about this term's curriculum: CURRICULUM LETTER 




In this term's lessons we have been learning about 'Going for Goals'. We have thought about our own achievements and what helped us to achieve. We have thought about what we would like to achieve. We have also worked in groups to come up with ideas of what a miracle learner would look like.






 Week 1- We have begun to learn and practise throwing and catching in PE. Great concentration with aiming the balls to pass to others in your group Year 1! 

Week 2- We worked with a partner to roll big balls and then small balls to each other through our cone 'gates'. 

Week 3- We practised throwing balls to our partner through the 'gate', taking steps further away from them to challenge ourselves futher.

Week 1

Week 2






In Maths we have started the Spring Term learning about 2D and 3D shapes. Year 1 particulalry enjoyed doing a shape hunt to find shapes outside.





Year 1 have begun the term well. They are enjoying the new topic of castles and can't wait to find out more.








Autumn Term 2019 - TRADITIONAL TALES

Find out about this term's curriculum: CURRICULUM LETTER 


The children have settled into Year 1 well. They have enjoyed exploring their new classroom, seeing their friends and finding out about our topic!





We have enjoyed learning about addition and subtraction in Maths this term.





This term we are learning all about colour, pattern and shape. We are learning from the work of artists: Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee. We have been inspired by their work and have begun experimenting with primary colours using pencils and paint. We discovered secondary colours when we mixed together primary coloured paints.