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Autumn Term - Traditional Tales

Welcome back, I hope you had a super summer and that you are ready for Year 2! Our topic this term is Traditional Tales. To find out more about what we will be learning about, click the link below:

Curriculum Newsletter



In Art, we have been exploring the work of Kandinsky and Klee. We started by looking at the Castle in the Sun painting by Klee, spotting the colours in the painting. We found out that yellow, blue and red were primary colours. We created our own Castle in the Sun picture by drawing around the 2D shapes and then colouring them in using the wax crayons. Then, we looked at Kandinksy's concentric circles and created our own concentric circles picture. We chose primary and secondary colours for our backgrounds before coiling string around a template. Our next job will be to use the templates to print onto our backgrounds.



Since the start of September, we have been thinking about number and place value in Maths. We have been exploring numbers to 100, using words like more than, less than and equal to. We have used the equipment to make numbers and words, talking about how many tens and ones we have used. We have also discussed the value of tens and ones and what that means when making a number.

 We also played a game of tens and ones. This game is about rolling dice and then putting the number you roll in either the tens or the ones column. The aim of the game is to make the greatest number. We had to think about the value of the number we rolled before placing it in eithe rthe tens or the ones column. We really enjoyed playing this game, especially when we started using the 9 sided dice!


Golden Time

In Year 2, we enjoy earning our Golden Time. This is a special treat at the end of the day on a Friday where we can choose actvities to do. We earn our Golden Time by staying on the green traffic light and showing good behaviour. This week during Golden Time we have played games, drawn pictures, created with lego and even played some Ping Pong!



In English we have been readint he story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. After reading the story a few times we worked in groups to act out the story, thinking about getting it in the right sequence and also remembering to think about the character we are playing and how to represent them. We really enjoyed acting out the story and shared our performances with the rest of the class. Can you spot any of the characters?



In PSHE, we read the story of the Rainbow Fish. At the start of the story we found out that he was very unkind to the other fish and this left him sad and lonely. By the end of the story, he realised that he had to be kind and friendly and then the other fish would want to be his friends. After we read the book, we realised that we were like the fish and that we had to be kind to the other people in our class and in our school. We decided to create our own rainbow fish using bubble wrap and paint and created a class display to remind us to be good friends and work as a team.