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Our topic this term is a geographical topic focussing on mountains around the world.  Below is our curriculum letter.


Summer Term Curriculum Letter.


April 2019 - Dance

The class have been learning key steps of The Boston Jive and choreographing these steps to the 1940's hit song, 'Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy'.

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April 2019 - Open Book Assembly

Some of year 5 assisted the Open Book Society as they delivered an assembly on the theme of The Last Supper.

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March 2019 - French Breakfast

Year 5 enjoyed a French Breakfast consisting of crioissants, bread with either butter, jam or nutella spread plus a drink with a choice of hot chocolate, milk or water. The children had to order their food in French, which they have been practising, from our hosts, who were members of the Sleaford Twinning Society.

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March 2019 - Open Book Assembly

This morning the Open Book Society led our whole school assembly with the story of a wedding in Cana where it is reported that Jesus carried out his first miracle. Our class were invited to participate to retell the story.

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March 2019 - Church Service

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Ancient Egyptians


Our topic this term is Ancient Egypt.  We will be exploring: where Egypt is; what it was like for people living there in the past; why pyramids were built and what processes were involved in mummification! 

 Curriculum Letter

 The Nowhere Emporium

This term in English we are reading the book the Nowhere Enporium by Ross Mackenzie.  

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