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 Autumn Term 2019

Amazing Americas!

Welcome back to the Autum term, I hope you all had a fantastic summer break. The Autumn term topic in year 4 is, “Amazing Americas”. In the first half of the term, the class will take a trek into the depths of the rainforest where they will  discover where the rainforests are located, what they are like, who lives in rainforests, including animals, plants and indigenous peoples. In the second half of the term, the children will uncover the mysteries of the Maya.  They will start by taking a trip deep into the rainforests of Central America to explore Mayan ruins and from there, embark on a journey that will help them uncover the life, society and civilisation of both ancient and modern Mayan people.

Please click on the curriculum newsletter link below which outlines our learning for this term.

Autumn Term 2019 - Curriculum Newsletter

September 2019 - P.E

We have started our outdoor P.E focus of invasion games specifically hockey. The children learnt how to hold a hockey stick correctly and safely and how to keep tight control of the ball whilst moving in different directions.

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September 2019 - Circle Time

After a full and busy day, the class congregated in the outdoor classroom for circle time to consider New Beginnings.

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September 2019 - Art

The class made a start on their new topic: Amazing Americas - Rainforests. The children started thinking about some of the animals whose habitat is a rainforest and then carried out observational drawings from photographs.

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September 2019

Welcome back Year 4. Your classroom is ready for an exciting term ahesd. 

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