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Welcome to the Year 3 class page.  As the year progresses, visit our page to find out all the exciting things we are doing!

 Autumn Term 2017

Rainforests - Who Lives in a Place Like This?

Welcome back to a new school year in Canterbury class.  I hope you all had a lovely summer break.  We are looking forward to some exciting learning and challenges this year!   Our first topic is Rainforests - who lives in a place like this?    Please click on the curriculum newsletter below to find out about our learning for this term.

Autumn Term Newsletter


Art: Batik

This term in art, we are learning how to use the technique of Batik.  This week, we learnt what Batik is and then we had a go at using the hot wax to create our initial.  We also had a go at investigating the different dyes to see how they could be used on the fabric.  Finally, whilst we were waiting to our turn, we were using our drawing skills to sketch different rainforest animals.

Batik Batik Batik
Batik Batik Batik

Growth Mindset

We have spent some time revisiting Growth Mindset to help us with the challenges we might face in Year 3.  We read the story "The Dot" by Peter Reynolds and discussed what it taught us about having an open (growth) mindset rather than a closed (fixed) mindset.    We then had a go at drawing our own "dot" pictures thinking about what one black dot could be!  In Canterbury class we know that if we have a growth mindset then anything is possible!

Growth Mindset Growth Mindset  Growth Mindset
Growth Mindset Growth Mindset  Growth Mindset


We have started the year by revising and learning all about numbers and place value.  We have been reading and writing numbers up to 1000 in words and numerals, taking care with our spellings, and then we have been learning to identify and represent numbers using different representations.  We have worked hard to make sure that we understand the value of each digit.

Place Value Place Value Place Value
Place Value Place Value Place Value


In Canterbury class, we have thought carefully about what we want our classroom to be like this year.  We spent some time looking at different qualities and values and then we chose the ones we want to focus on this year.  We created a beautiful display and we have all signed it to say that we will try our hardest to show these qualities this year.

Class Qualities