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Welcome to the Year 3 class page.  As the year progresses, visit our page to find out all the exciting things we are doing!

Summer Term - Amazing Americas

Below is our Curriculum letter for the term.

Curriculum Letter

KNEX Challenge

The Year 3 and Year 5 classes worked together to build a trebuchet using only KNEX products as part of the STEM initiative. The children showed fantastic teamwork, creativity and displayed real sense of determination in their construction work. A huge thank you to the 2 STEM ambassadors, Steve Morris From BAE Systems and Steve Green from RAF Waddington. 

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Well Being Week

We have had a very exciting start to the week making tortillas. We used our Maths skills to measure the ingredients, made the dough, rolled it out and then cooked it. In the afternoon, we used our cutting skills to make a healthy filling and then took them outside to have a picnic with year 4!

Tortillas Tortillas Tortillas
Tortillas Tortillas
Tortillas Tortillas


Arts Week

We have been busy weaving dream catchers.

dream catchers dream catchers dream catchers
  dream catchers  
dream catchers dream catchers dream catchers

 We also really enjoyed our Djembe Workshop.

Djembe djembe
djembe djembe


Spring Term - Rotten Romans

Below is our Curriculum Letter for the term.

Curriculum Letter

January 2017


In Art this term, we have been finding out about Roman mosaics and have been making our own versions.

mosaics mosaics mosaics
mosaics mosaics mosaics


Autumn Term - All The Fun Of The Fair!

Below is our Curriculum Letter for the term.

Curriculum Letter

December 2016

Design and Technology

In Design and Technology, we have been making carousels. First of all we worked on developing our cutting and joining skills and then designed and created a canopy using a paper version to check that our design would work. We made a strong base using clay which we painted and varnished. Finally we made our canopies from card and used water colours to decorate them. Finally we constructed our carousels and checked that they would turn freely.

carousel carousel carousel
carousel carousel


September 2016 


In Art, we have been learning about L.S. Lowry. We have been using view finders to look at detail and then sketch a section of a painting. We have also been developing our watercolour skills in preparation for creating our own Lowry inspired piece of artwork later in the term.

sketching sketching
painting painting


In ICT, we have been writing our own logorithms and debugging programs to control Beebots.

beebot beebot


Our topic this term is science based.  In our first unit we have been learning about light.  We made periscopes to learn about how light can reflect, we then used these to spy on the other classes! We have also been looking at shadows and have begun an investigation to find out if the distance the object is from the light source impacts on the length of a shadow.  This is still work in progress!