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Welcome to the Year 3 class page.  As the year progresses, visit our page to find out all the exciting things we are doing! 



'All The Fun Of The Fair!'

Welcome back to the start of this academic year. For information relating to our topic this term, please click on the link below.


Autumn Term Curriculum Letter.


October 2018 - Lowry Art

The pupils have been studying the work of the artist LS Lowry, in particular, his work entitled 'Daisy Nook Fair'. A wash, using watercolours, was applied to the paper, creating three different areas: foreground, middle-ground and background. The children practised sketches of characters from Lowry's work using line, tone and form before adding colour.




September 2018 - Competitive Games in PE

Weekly PE sessions outside, with Mr Green, have been experienced by the class. Different skills have been taught and practised, from football, tag rugby and pop lacrosse to netball and cricket. Thank you for the exciting and motivating lessons.



September 2018 - Jeans 4 Genes

Year 3 joined the other KS2 classes for an informative talk from Esther Horton (a specialist in genetics) on the subject of Jeans for Genes day. The class learnt what genes are; how they work; what happens if they don't work properly plus the children were given the opportunity to build their own double helix to show human DNA using Jelly Babies.

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September 2018 - Hindu Workshop

Year 3 enjoyed working with Sunita Patell a practising Hindu and who has spent the day sharing information about her faith. The children learnt some basic Indian vocabulary; created rangoli designs; listened to stories which helped them learn about Hindu Gods as well as having a go at some Bangra dancing in costume!

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September 2018 - Science

In science we are exploring the topic of light. Using our knowledge of mirrors we have constructed a set of periscopes which has helped us to understand how light travels.

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