Summer Term 2018

The children have enjoyed a number of different activities this week.


Spring Term 2018  


The children used Numicon to explore numbers. They enjoyed sharing their understanding with others in the class. Good mathematical vocabulary was used.



The children will be studying 'Dinosaurs' Spring Term 1 and 'People Who Help Us' during Spring Term 2 



Week Beginning 9th October

The weather has been mild this week and the children have loved using the large construction toys outside. They have been creative and built a spaceship, house and tiger cage!




Inside the classroom, hedgehog artwork has brightened up the room. Good sticking skills were observed and a googly eye completed the finished hedgehog. A display of the  children's work is up on the wall for everyone to enjoy.





Week Beginning 2nd October

During the week, the children have used 2D shapes to create pictures. After drawing round the shapes, the pupils painted the outlines and then painted inside the shapes. The results are very good and a lovely display of their work is in the corridor outside the classroom. Well done, children.


York pupils went outside and harvested the beans near the outdoor classroom. They enjoyed searching for a bean and then carefully picking it. The children sat inside the outdoor classroom and compared their bean with those of the other children. Some beans were long, others curly, brown or straight. At the end of the school day, the class took their bean and a seed home to show to their parents.  

The children enjoyed the headteacher's 'Harvest' assembly this week. Back in the classroom they looked at the different foods which were shown and used their senses to explore them.




 Week Beginning 25th September

The class has been learning about 'Our Senses'. Throughout the week the pupils explored their sense of sight, hearing, smell and touch. On Friday the children followed instructions to taste several foods before deciding which foods they were and whether they liked them or not. A grid was completed by the pupils to show their findings. A display of the children's learning is in the corridor, outside York classroom.  




Week Beginning 18th September

What a fabulous start our new Foundation class has made this term. They have picked up our routines quickly and are enjoying assemblies and playtimes with the whole school. The children in York class really love to use the outside area  and explore resources and activities with their new classmates. We are learning about 'the skeleton' and have already learnt a song and a dance about bones. The children have used artstraws to create a skeleton and have labelled a template of a skeleton.




Well done, children. The staff in York are very proud of you all.


Week Beginning 11th September 



The weather has been quite kind to us and allowed the children to enjoy exploring their outdoor area. The bikes and scooter are popular, along with the pirate ship and climbing frame.


 Week Beginning 4th September


A display showing the children's first day at school is up outside the classroom. Photos of the children enjoying their lunch together, playing together and working inside the classroom all show how confident the pupils all are in York. 


Welcome to the Start of a New Foundation Class          September 2017   


Week beginning May 15th 2017



There was great excitement when we found out that chicks were nesting outside the classroom. The mother bird has been feeding her noisy chicks relentlessly.


Week beginning May 8th 2017


The children really enjoyed programming the beebots this week. Everyone laughed when six beebots were programmed and they moved forwards, backwards and turned around. The class thought they looked like they were dancing!


Week beginning May 1st 2017

The raised beds have been cleared out ready for planting over the coming weeks. Thank you for your hard work, Mrs Bird.



Week beginning April 24th 2017

What a lovely week we have had in York. The children went on a coach on Wednesday to Mr Geary's farm to see the animals. He spoke to the class about his sheep, hens, pigs and turkeys. The pupils were encouraged to stroke the hen and feed both the pigs and hens. Mr Geary showed the pupils the vegetables he is growing in his polytunnel. He invited some of the children to put soil into pots and plant some seeds: mustard, lettuce, spinach and chives. He very kindly said that the class could take the pots back to school and watch the seeds grow into plants.

The children were able to answer some of the questions asked of them and they listened to Mr Geary talk about each animal. We didn't know that turkeys only lay eggs for a few months of the year!

The children, parent helpers and staff had a really interesting time and learnt numerous facts. A HUGE 'Thank you' to Mr Geary for allowing us to look around his family farm.




Week beginning April 17th 2017

The children have used the iPads this week. They were asked to think about the things they can see at this time of year and then used the Brushes app to create a picture. The pupils listened carefully to the instructions and then used their ICT skills to change both the brush strokes and colours for their artwork. I think you will agree that the pictures are really good. Well done, York. These lovely pictures will be displayed in school.


The children and staff are delighted with their new interactive whiteboard, which was installed during the Easter holiday. The screen is so clear and the pupils have really enjoyed using the  board to practise their counting, sing songs, watch a story and practise their phonics. A huge 'Thank you' from everyone in York, for this wonderful teaching tool.





Week beginning March 13th 2017

It has been a busy week for the children in York. On Monday the pupils planted a daffodil bulb each into a small pot. The chidren wrote their names onto a wooden lolly stick and pushed it into the soil. We will remember to water them and leave them in the sunshine and hope that they will grow.

Mr Mudie our Outreach PE teacher came to see us on Tuesday. The children were shown how to throw a ball using both an underarm and an overarm action. One of the boys impressed Mr Mudie so much that we asked him to award the pupil our class 'Proud of You' medal.



The children have enjoyed listening to the first part of the Easter Story and we are busy colouring paper flowers to decorate a wooden cross to take to Church.

In maths the concept of length has been taught and embedded through talking, measuring, rolling play dough into 'worms' and cutting string. The children have really enjoyed being out in the sunshine and taking turns. We hope that the good weather continues next week.



Week beginning March 6th 2017

The class has been learning about 3D shapes this week. We have sung a 3D shape song, used and handled plastic 3D shapes, described 3D shapes in a 'feely' bag and listened to descriptions and suggested which shape it could be. The class has been enjoying using the 3D shapes both inside and outside the classroom. The 3D shapes that have been looked at are: the cone, cylinder, cube, pyramid, cuboid and sphere.



  tower building using 3D shapes         3D shape recognition work                                3D shape construction



March 2017     Look who's on the wall this week.



Week beginning February 27th 2017

The children have been very lucky this week. Two visitors came to talk to them in the classroom. On Wednesday, John, the paramedic spoke to the children about his work and how he helps people. The class were excited to see the ambulance and have a look inside. John allowed the children to see the flashing lights and hear the siren. They were also given the opportunity to sit on the chair and stretcher bed inside the vehicle.


On Thursday, PC Cookson came to talk about his work and show some of the equipment he uses. The children went outside in small groups to see the flashing lioghts and hear the car's siren. This was once again a very exciting time for the children. The children had prepared some questions for PC Cookson to answer. They listened carefully to him and PC Cookson said they were good questions.


On both occasions the chidren were really interested in the visitors and listened well whilst they spoke. The class were asked if they had any other questions and both visitors spent time answering them. Thank you Mr Whalen and PC Cookson for coming and talking to the children and staff in York. We really enjoyed hearing about how you help people.



 The new display in the role play corner has different uniforms on the wall.

 Each week a group of children will see their faces on display. Whose turn is it this week?  There is a Veterinary Surgery in the classroom and two more role play areas outside.




Week beginning February 20th 2017

In maths this week, the children have held and looked at one pence coins. They have seen large pennies on the interactive whiteboard and played a money game. It has been wonderful to see the children use their number knowledge to count, record and even remember to use the 'p' after the amount. We had a maths visitor come and spend time in the classroom on Thursday and she was impressed by the maths talk the children were using (see Twitter comment dated 23.2.17). Well done, York. Keep up the good work.



The Burger Take Away has a food preparation area where the children can create the food using play dough. Next to the food table is the cash register. After the customer has chosen what they want to buy they then have to draw the correct number of pennies onto a laminated purse. The cashier checks the price of the food and if the pennies drawn onto the purse is accurate the customer can take their food away. This activity has proven to be very popular with the children. They love to use the play dough to create food for the customers to buy.


 The Fruit and Veg shop is also popular with the class. The children write on a shopping list attached to a clipboard. There are plenty of names of the different fruit and vegetables around the shop for the children to copy or try writing themselves.


Welcome back after the half term holiday.

The children in York are excited to find out about their new topic 'People Who Help Us.'




We had a very busy week leading up to the half term break. The children were challenged to use a cocktail stick to 'dig out' the chocolate chips in a biscuit to see just how tricky it was for dinosaur fossil hunters to keep their 'finds' complete. 22 choc chips were found in one biscuit!

It was Safer Internet Day on February 7th. The children watched a video about a little penguin called Smartie and how he learnt to stay safe whilst using the internet. The class learnt a song, made a model of Smartie and played a game on the ipads.

We had a lovely morning on the Wednesday watching how pancakes are made. The children used their knowledge of 'capacity' to say when the mixing jug was full, half full and empty. Everyone enjoyed a delicious pancake and chose which topping they wanted to have on it.


February 2017

The dinosaur display is up in the classroom. Fantastic work everyone.


February 2017

This week in class we have had great fun looking at frozen lumps of ice. The children used food colouring, washing up liquid and a torch to investigate them. Yesterday the ‘ice eggs’ had an actual dinosaur inside! The children were very excited and couldn’t wait to watch them melt and see the dinosaurs ‘hatch.’





































February 2017

Every child has sponge painted a paper plate dinosaur and used some very interesting colour choices for their creatures. These will be displayed in the dinosaur corner of the classroom and the children have been eagerly waiting to see their artwork appear on the wall.





January 2017

Our new topic is 'Dinosaurs' and we are really looking forward to finding out lots of interesting facts about them. The children have been observing dinosaur pictures and chosen one to paint. They were guided by an adult to create the dinosaur outline and then mix paint to represent their creature's colouring. The results are really wonderful. Well done, children.




Curriculum Letter Spring 2017


 Welcome to the Spring Term 2017 in York Foundation Class


Autumn Term 2

It was really nice to see so many visitors in class for our school Open Morning. In York, we were using our positional language in maths and then went outside to use the words whilst using the obstacle course. Children were observed saying ' I am next to ....' and 'I am in front of ....'.

Inside the classroom some children were completing their Rangoli patterns, practising their letter formation, building box models and dressing up. Lots of activities were displayed outside including play dough planets, using the space models and vehicles, walking carefully around the obstacle course and working in the sand.

Our children were polite whilst talking to the visitors and the adults in York answered a lot of questions. Well done, York. You were helpful and well mannered.

We hope to see a lot of new children starting in York next September.


The children had a lot of fun using and exploring clay this week. They have been learning about the Hindu Festival of Lights and have seen pictures of diva lights. After rolling the clay into a ball and pushing a hole into it, the children pressed decorative details into the clay, using different utensils. Next week the divas will be painted and displayed. 




The children have returned to school after the half term break and enjoyed learning about Fireworks Night. The class have each decorated a paper rocket, made and eaten an edible biscuit sparkler and sung fireworks songs around the school outdoor fire pit. We have really loved finding out about Guy Fawkes. Well done, everyone.









The large construction kit has proved extremely popular with the children this term. The class has worked hard to put the pieces together. An adult is always needed to put the roof on securely. The children enjoy sitting inside the different shapes they make.

Large construction kit   Using the large construction kit   Large construction kit


Large construction Large construction Large construction



"The children drew around 2D shapes and then painted around the outline. They then filled inside the shapes, using paint. The paintings are on display outside the classroom. They all look wonderful. Great work, York."








 "In PE, the children have been preparing to take off, jump and then land safely on the mats. They have strengthened their arms by practising 'swimming strokes' and strengthened their legs through bending their knees. Good work, York."




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