Summer Term (2) 2019

'Splish, Splash, Splosh!'

As we enter our final term in Foundation, we will be thinking about water and holidays. We will be starting off by thinking about 'Mr Gumpy's Outing' and writing our own watery stories. Later in the term we will welcome the new starters for September and help them to get ready for school.

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'Splish, Splash, Splosh!' Curriculum Letter

Summer Term (1) 2019

'Minibeast Mayhem!'

As the weather turns warmer, and we will hopefully be able to spend much time outdoors, we will be learning about all of the little creatures that share the space around us. We will start off by thinking about 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and will have the opportunity to watch some real caterpillars changing into butterflies...

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'Minibeast Mayhem!' Curriculum Letter



Spring Term (2) 2019

'Around the World in 30 Days!'

This term, we will be taking a 'whistle stop' tour of the globe and finding out about some of the amazing and unusual countries around us. We will start in Australia, taking in China, India, Africa, The UK and America along the way!

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'Around the World in 30 Days...' Curriculum Letter

So far, we have dropped into Australia where we created Aboriginal dot paintings with cotton buds. We popped to China to paint cherry blossom and eat noodles with chopsticks. Next came Africa where we sampled tropical fruits and wove baskets to carry them. Our next stop was India where we created beautiful Rangoli patterns. Still to come are America and the United Kingdom. What will we discover along the way?



Spring Term (1) 2019

'Once Upon a Time...'

This term we will be thinking about traditional tales and exploring all of the fascinating characters that appear in them. There will be opportunities to make porridge, grow beanstalks and build houses as well as bake gingerbread men and see if we can really find an enormous turnip!

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'Once Upon a Time...' Curriculum Letter

 We started the time by thinking about the story of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. We had lots of fun making and eating our porridge. It was just right!

Next came 'The Three Little Pigs'. We worked together to create an amazing story map as well as getting 'out and about' in the school gorunds to look at the houses around us.



Autumn Term (2)

'Animal Magic!'

Our new topic embraces all things animal! We will be exploring animals that live here, there and everywhere, as well as thinking about animals (and birds) that come out at night. We will, of course, also be exploring this exciting time of year and thinking about the changes that Autumn brings, as well as looking forward to Bonfire Night. Sssh! Don't tell anyone, but there might also be a special play and a visit to see a special man wearing a red suit...

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Animal Magic Curriculum Letter


Christmas at St Andrews was a magical experience! We thoroughly enjoyed our nativity play 'It's a Baby!' and spent a magical day at White Post Farm visiting Santa. We rounded off the term with our Christmas dinner. Everybody felt very festive by the time the holidays arrived!




Autumn Term (1) 2018

What an amazing first term it has been for 'Team York'! The children have settled into school life with a real confidence and it has been a pleasure to see each and every one of them grow and develop. As term has gone on we have enjoyed taking part in all school assemblies, changing independently for PE and taking reading books home. We even visited church for Harvest Festival without any sign of nervousness at all. Here are a few pictures of our first term. We cannot wait for Term 2...


Welcome to York!

 This is the class page for York class, the youngest children at St Andrew's School. Keep checking back to see all of the exciting things that we have been up to!


Our curriculum letter for Autumn 2018

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'Amazing us!

 Our first day!

The children came into school beautifully and were soon busy with a range of activities. It was fabulous to see new friendships being made and happy, smiling faces all round. We are already learning the 'routines' of school. A great start to the term!



 Our first full week of school!

We've had an action packed week of school and are already very settled. We have taken advantage of the warm sunshine to enjoy our outdoor area, have been into singing assembly and have continued to enjoy our school dinners. There has even been a chance to pop into the hall to see what will happen during our PE lessons. Everybody is very tired, but Mrs Moseley is incredibly proud of how quickly we have 'got the hang' of being in York class.



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